• 1 LB Point Beer Bratwurst Patties
  • 2 slices swiss cheese
  • 2 pretzel buns
  • ¼ cup thousand Island dressing
  • ½ cup sauerkraut rinsed and drained.



1) Keep Brat patties frozen do not thaw in advance for best results. Grill or pan fry brat patties over medium high heat cooking about 4-5 minutes per side until they are cooked through and have reached an internal temperature of 155 degrees.

2) Top the patties with sauerkraut and swiss, cover and cook 3 more minutes until cheese has melted.

3) In the meantime, lightly toast the buns, spread 1 TBL thousand Island on each side of the bun, place brat patty in the bun and enjoy.