• ½ pound smokehouse chicken cheddar fajita Brats (cooked and sliced)
  • 1 TBL cooking oil
  • 1 cup Mixed bell peppers julienned
  • ¼ cup julienne red onions
  • ½ cup potatoes, cooked and diced
  • 2 TBL chopped cilantro
  • 6 large eggs, whisked
  • 2 oz. shredded cheese of choice



1) Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F

2) Heat an 8-inch non- stick skillet over medium heat, add the oil. Sauté the bell peppers and onions 3 minutes or until they begin to soften. Add the sausage and cooked potatoes and sauté an additional 2-3 minutes . Add the eggs and cilantro gently stirring until almost set. Place the omelet in the oven and bake 10 minutes. Top with cheese and bake an additional 5 minutes until omelet is firm and set and the cheese has melted.

3) Remove from the oven and allow to cool 5 minutes. Gently slide out of the pan with a spatula onto a cutting board, cut in wedges to serve. Top with some guacamole or your favorite hot sauce.