Mike White

Vice President

“Treat your body good, eat smoked meat daily.”

With 36 years in the meat industry, Mike knows a thing or two about providing fresh quality smoked meat. He joined the team in 2017 and enjoys creating new products, working with Smokehouse employees on a daily basis and maintaining relationships with different retailers and suppliers. Mike lives in Hazelhurst, WI with his wife Deborah. They have two children and four grandkids. His hobbies include working on his property building trails, gardening and landscaping.

Image of Mike White with Trig's Smokehouse

Favorite menu item: Steak

Favorite brat flavor: Hawaiian (although it changes seasonally)

Chris Wege

Director of
Sales and Operations

Chris is a master of meat… literally. He recently graduated from the Master Meat Crafter program at UW Madison. He started with the company in 2008 working in the produce and frozen/dairy section at the Rhinelander store. In his free time Chris can be found spending time with his family, fishing, hunting and bow hunting. He lives in Rhinelander, WI with his wife, three kids and two dogs.

Image of Chris Wege with Trig's Smokehouse

Favorite menu item: Braunschweiger

Favorite brat flavor: Tuscan Mozzarella

Dalton Tietsort

Lead Sales Representative

From processing to packaging to the warehouse, Dalton has first-hand knowledge of the Smokehouse products he’s selling. He’s been with the company since 2014 and has worked in every department since. Dalton was promoted to his current position in 2018. He lives in Sugar Camp, WI and some of his hobbies include fishing, softball or flag football, coaching wrestling and just being outside enjoying the weather.

Image of Dalton Tietsort with Trig's Smokehouse in Rhinelander WI

Favorite menu item: 7-Pepper Snack Sticks

Favorite brat flavor: Green and Gold

Trish Bennett

Wholesale Administrative Assistant/Shipping Supervisor

Trish has been with Smokehouse since early January 2020 and strives to provide the best customer service experience possible. She lives in Rhinelander, WI with two daughters.

Image of Dalton Tietsort with Trig's Smokehouse in Rhinelander WI

Favorite menu item: Coming Soon!

Favorite brat flavor: Coming Soon!