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Green & Gold Brat


The Green & Gold brat is for Wisconsinites who breathe green and gold. Featuring green bell peppers, streams of golden Wisconsin cheddar cheese and bold flavor. One bite and you’ll instantly notice the juiciness of the lean, 100% pork brat in natural casing. The green bell peppers are perfectly balanced by the creamy cheddar, and …
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Brat Patties

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Green & Gold Brat Patties


Chunks of green pepper, onions, and Wisconsin cheddar make this a favorite of our home team. Go (and buy a) Pack of these delicious patties!  16 oz.

Mushroom & Swiss Brat Patties


A brat patty that combines the earthy, nutty flavor of mushrooms with the mildly sweet and nut-like taste of Swiss cheese.  Gluten Free  16 oz.

Hot Dogs & Wieners

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Jumbo Cheddar Top Dogs


A cheesy union of two outstanding flavors.  Gluten Free  14 oz.

Jumbo Top Dogs


Our Tog Dog has a smoky-sweet spiciness and is perfectly juicy. Good enough to eat without a bun, which is perfect since much of this extra large frank will hang past standard bun lengths.  Gluten Free  14 oz.

Natural Casing Cheese Wieners


All the goodness of our Natural Casing Wiener coupled with the flavor and creamy texture boost of Wisconsin dairy country Cheddar cheese.  12-14 oz.

Natural Casing Meat Wieners


Robust flavor with a good balance of smoke, spice, and the “snap” when you bite into the natural casing.  12-14 oz.

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