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Cheddar Brat 24 oz


If states could have official flavors this would be Wisconsin’s. Just add beer!  Gluten Free  24 oz.

Chicken Cheddar Fajita Brats 20 oz.


Brats made from 100% boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat, bursting with Fajita seasoning that has the perfect blend of garlic, bell peppers & onions, along with creamy cheddar cheese in every bite. MMmm Cheese!

Cranberry Brat 24 oz


The sharp tartness of cranberry cuts the rich flavor for a perfectly balanced flavor.  Gluten Free  24 oz.

Green and Gold Brat 24 oz


Chunks of green pepper, onions, and Wisconsin cheddar make this a favorite of our home team. Go (and buy a) Pack! Gluten Free  24 oz.

Hawaiian Brats 24 oz.


Our Hawaiian-style bratwurst is mild with just a hint of sweetness from the added pineapple and brown sugar. In a coconut shell — it’s ‘Ono.* Perfectly sized to fit the bun, the Hawaiian brats are super juicy and with their unique flavor are best to eat without any condiments or served with pineapple salsa. Cook …
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Heat-n-Serve Brats – Bulk

Heat-n-Serve Brats 16 oz.

Honey Mustard Brats 24 oz.

Italian Sausage Brat 2.5 lbs.


Fennel seed, pepper, paprika, and garlic. Spiced goodness.  Gluten Free   2.5 lbs.

Italian Sausage Brat 24 oz

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Fennel seed, pepper, paprika, and garlic. Spiced goodness.  Gluten Free  24 oz.

Jalapeno Brat 24 oz


Our “WiscoMex” offering combines the robust flavor of bratwurst with the heat of Jalapeno.  Gluten Free, No MSG  24 oz.

Mushroom & Swiss Brat 24 oz


A brat that combines the earthy, nutty flavor of mushrooms with the mildly sweet and nut-like taste of Swiss cheese.  Gluten Free  24 oz.